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AMP110: MS Access Macro Programming

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The following book list is provided as an aide to those planning to take one of our courses. Hopefully, it will prove useful to others as well. We are an affiliate and you may purchase your books through this site. Although not required for our courses, you will want a book for reference after class. We have marked especially recommended books with an *; top choices with **. Our recommendations are based on value for money.

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Novalis, Susann (1997) Access 97 Macro & VBA Handbook. Alameda, CA: SYBEX Inc. ISBN 0-7821-1977-8. [ more oriented towards VBA but does have good coverage of macro design.] Buy this book at


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Prague, Cary N., Michael R. Irwin and Jennifer Reardon (2004) ** Access 2003 Bible. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing. ISBN 0-7645-3986-8. [ the, well, bible for Microsoft Access. Very thorough reference at the intermediate level. Good for both users and developers. If you are going to be using Access extensively you should have this book. Groups taking our classes should own a copy of this book or its equivalent. ] Buy this book at


Related book lists: The following book lists on this site may prove of interest as well: MS Access Training and MS Access SQL. Or, use the search box below. (Note: the box has been preloaded for books, keyord Microsoft Access Macros; but it is a "live" search box and you can change this with your own category or keywords.)

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