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This book list is intended to correlate to the software classes taught in Southern California (and elsewhere) by Orange Coast Database Associates, Inc. It will continue to be updated over time. Many entries have links for easy purchase if desired.

Note: we do not require book purchases for our classes at this time, but we do recommend it for self study and as an after class reference. In some cases - described with each course under materials - we do supply a textbook in addition to the standard student manual.

Microsoft Access Books

MS Access Books - Book list for Introductory MS Access courses (AIA101, AIN100/102/104).

MS Access Macros Books - Book list for the Access Macros course (AMP110).

MS Access VBA Book List - Book list for Microsoft Access VBA Programming courses (AVB201/2).


SQL Books

Microsoft Access SQL Books - Book list for the SQL course focused on Microsoft Access.

MySQL Books - Book list for MySQL courses. (

Oracle SQL Books - Book list for Oracle based SQL Programming courses.

SQL Books - Book list for ANSI standard SQL Programming courses (SQL200 series).

Intermediate SQL Server SQL Books - Book list for Microsoft SQL Server SQL Programming courses.


Database Design Books

Database Books - Book list for Relational Database Design Courses.



D. H. D'Urso and Associates MS Access Training

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