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Access SQL Book List

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The following are the book references for our introductory SQL classes. Books marked with an * are included in the base price of the class.


View OCDatabases's PowerPoint slides on slideshare

Orange Coast Database Associates, *Lab Manuals. Laguna Niguel, CA: [ contains the PowerPoint slides used in our classes. Often over 200 slides.] Download from SlideShare documents.


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Forta, Ben (2001) *SQL in 10 Minutes. Indianapolis, IN: SAMS. ISBN 0-672-32128-9. [ Compact and inexpensive little handbook but surprisingly good value for money. I recommend it to my beginning SQL students.] Buy this book at


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Bagui, Sikha and Earp, Richard (2004) Learning SQL: A Step-by-Step Guide Using Access. Boston, MA: Pearson Education. ISBN0321-11904-5. [ One of the first books to cover SQL from the viewpoint of an Access user.]


Related book lists: The following book lists on this site may prove of interest as well: Database Design Book List and Access SQL Book List. Or, use the search box below. (Note: the box has been preloaded for books, keyword SQL; but it is a "live" search box and you can change this with your own category or keywords.)

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