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SQL201W: Introduction to MySQL

MySQL Links | Practice test

Tuition: $295 per student

Length: 1 and 1/2 days

Synopsis: Learn how to program this popular web database! Intensive, hands-on introduction to MySQL programming. Data manipulation, queries, data modification. Construction of tables and indexes, constraints, etc.

Formats: Group (2-8 students) at your facility or ours, private training, and open enrollment.

References: Please see our MySQL Book List for recommended books you may want to have available and/or peruse in advance of your class. None are required, per se.

Group Discounts: Yes - see FAQ's.

Group Registration: $50

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Session I: MySQL Data Modification.
Relational database foundations
Creating tables and constraints, DDL
Modifying table design , ALTER
Creating Views and Indexes
Modifying data, Insert, Update, Delete, Replace


3 hours

Session II: Basic MySQL Data Retrieval.

Basic SQL data retrieval operations
SQL Select statement
SQL Predicates, SQL Where clause
Calculated fields, Concatenation


3 hours

Session III: MySQL Functions, Multi-table Retrieval.
String Manipulation
Date Functions, Etc.
SQL Aggregate functions (SUM, AVG, etc.)
Group by
Inner join, left outer join, self join
Simulating subqueries with joins
Effecting a Union with temporary tables

3 hours

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Windows, Relational Database Concepts and some programming background.


Materials: Students will be provided a copy of all exercise files. They will also receive a binder with a printout of the slides used in class.


Scheduling: Each session above may be customized and scheduled as desired for each custom group class or private training session.

Open Enrollment CalendarOpen enrollment classes run regularly in San Juan Capistrano. See calendar.


Location: Group classes are normally taught at your facilities. We do, however, offer a wide range of alternatives, including our own training room, to suit your requirements. Please see FAQ's for details. We can also travel beyond Southern California if appropriate.


Software: For on-site classes clients will need to provide access to MySQL on instructor and student workstations.

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Need help with MySQL? We can also provide programming and consulting services covering the above material for an hourly rate. Please contact programming for more information.

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