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Introduction to Relational Databases

Database Book List | Up

Web Sites article on 1st normal form - What is meant by first normal form. How to make sure your tables comply.

BitPipe - White papers, case studies, etc.

Database Answers - Great summary of many available database modeling tools.

Database Basics - A Primer - Basic article in Small Business Technology eZine.

Developer Shed: Introduction to database normalization.

Indexed Searching: An article in Database Programming and Design on indexed searching. Explains B-Trees.

Introduction to Relational Database Design by Fernando Lozano

Oracle Underground FAQ's

Oracle undergrounf FAQ's page

 Oracle FAQ page on relational database design

TechTarget Database: TechTarget database community site. Lots of good information on databases.


Converting an ERD to a Physical Database Design - Article by Dan D'Urso that covers converting your Logical Database Design (ERD) into a physical database design. Uses a top down approach with emphasis on Microsoft Access.

Databse Design - Creating the Physical Model - InformIT SQL Server guide to creating a physical model from the logical database design. This is actually pretty much independent of SQL Server.

Newsgroups, Forums and Boards

Orange Coast Database Associates Forum - AvtiveBoad Discussion Board for Database Design.




Database Journal - Daily Database News And Information for the Database Professional

The Intelligent Enterprise - Database Information Center

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Power Components - Multipurpose toolkit for designing, creating and maintaining the database layer throughout the entire application lifecycle




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