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This page lists small, very simple Microsoft Access Databases that can be downloaded. They are basically "starter" databases that are used in our classes. It is from these databases that students can construct their queries, forms, macros, etc. There will also be demonstration databases used to illustrate various points - i.e. how to do a recursive join, how to import a spreadsheet with a macro, how to use date functions, etc.

Basic Class Starter Databases

These are starter kits. Generally they will have only tables and, when appropriate, the other database objects being illustrated.

Factory2000 - Factory Cost Accounting

Admissions - Hospital Patient Admissions

ProductSales - Sales Application case. Used in our beginning VBA classes.

Sample Databases

Factory 2000 Sample Macros - A large and growing set of sample macros. Illustrates many Microsoft Access Macros as applied to the Factory 2000 case. Our goal is to eventually illustrate nearly all macros.

Access Sample Date and String Functions - Over 35 Microsoft Access Queries illustrating Microsoft Access Date Functions and String Functions. Uses the Admissions case. Supports both the Query and SQL Views in the PowerPoint slides.

More - Additional databases on



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