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AIN100A: Microsoft Access Training Part 1

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Tuition: $165.00 per student

Length: 1 day

Synopsis: 1 day introduction to Microsoft Access, the most popular desktop database solution. Microsoft Access provides a wealth of powerful data management and reporting tools in a very user friendly environment. This course covers databases, tables, the datasheet, sorting and manipulating tables, basic queries, reports and forms. Using our courseware students will work on several small database applications during this course or develop their own. These can be tailored to the needs of a custom group or private training student. No prior knowledge of Access is assumed. This course is the same as AIN100 Introduction to Microsoft Access day 1.

Formats: Custom scheduled corporate groups (min. 2 students) at your facility or via Remote Learning. Single individuals may arrange a private online session.

Scheduling: Flexible to suit your requirements. Both onsite and online classes are custom scheduled.

Group Discounts: 2-4 students 20%, 5-8 30%, >8 quote


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Session 1Tables and Queries3.0 Hours
  • Getting Started with Access Databases
    • Orientation to Microsoft Access
    • Create a Simple Access Database
    • Get Help and Configure Options in Microsoft Access
  • Working with table data
    • Modify table data
    • Sort and filter records
  • Querying a database
    • Create Basic Queries
    • Sort and Filter Data in a Query
    • Perform Calculations in a Query
Session 2Forms and Reports3.0 Hours
  • Using Forms
    • Create Basic Access Forms
    • Work with Data on Access Forms
  • Generating Reports
    • Create a Report
    • Add Controls to a Report
    • Enhance the Appearance of a Report
    • Prepare a Report for Print
    • Organize Report Information
    • Format Reports

Materials: Students will receive a comprehensive manual, a training certificate, and access to the Logical Operations course website after class.


Location: Classes are taught at the client's facility or online via live Remote Learning.

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