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Course Catalog (All Modalities)

Item IDCourse Title and DescriptionPricePerLength
SQL212Accelerated Introduction to SQL Using Oracle I290.00Student9.0 hrs
 1 and 1/2 day introduction to Oracle SQL used in the Oracle Database. Intensive, hands-on course custom designed for analysts and power users. Same material as SQL200 but taught in an Oracle environment. Topics include data retrieval and manipulation, modifying data and creating tables and views. Uses the new Oracle SQL Developer GUI tool.

Session 1Introduction to SQL 
  • Relational database foundations
  • Using Oracle SQL Develope or SQL Plus
  • Basic SQL data retrieval operations, DML
  • SQL Select statement
  • SQL Predicates, SQL Where clause
  • Operators
  • Sorting
  • Calculated fields, Concatenation

Session 2 SQL Functions, Multi-table Retrieval 
  • String Manipulation
  • Date Functions, Etc.
  • SQL Aggregate functions (SUM, AVG, etc.)
  • Group by
  • Having
  • Inner join, outer joins, self join
  • Single and multi-valued subqueries
  • Correlated subqueries
  • Unions

Session 3SQL Data Modification 
  • Modifying data, Insert, Update, Delete
  • Creating tables and constraints, CREATE, DROP
  • Modifying table design, ALTER
  • Creating and using Views
  • Creating Indexes
  • Summary & Conclusion