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Course Catalog (All Modalities)

Item IDCourse Title and DescriptionLength
PRJ101AAccelerated Introduction to Microsoft Project6.0 hrs
 Teaches the functions and features of Microsoft Project. Students will learn how to create a new project file, create and modify task lists, create a Work Breakdown Structure with Gantt chart, and work with task relationships. They'll also learn how to create base and task calendars. Additional material includes baseline and interim plans, the critical path, project tracking, analysis of project statistics, project file formatting, custom views, and file consolidation. This class is a shortened version of Project Basic and Project Advanced. It covers much of the same material but does not go into details of resource planning and costing. It focuses on creating and tracking schedules.

Session 1Introduction to Project 
  • Getting started, Project management concepts, Working with project files
  • Working with tasks, creating a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Scheduling tasks Setting up task links, Working in Network Diagram view, advanced task options
  • Brief review of filtering, grouping, and sorting

Session 2Finalizing the Project Plan 
  • Tracking work in Microsoft Project - Managing a project, Updating the progress of tasks, Observing project progress
  • Analyzing and adjusting the plan - Analyzing the plan, Rescheduling tasks
  • Formatting and reporting - Formatting a project file, Printing views and reports, Customizing reports