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Item IDCourse Title and DescriptionPricePerLength
JVS202iJavaScript Advanced Training165.00Student6.0 hrs
 Building on the Basic course, this hands-on course will teach students more techniques for creating interactive Web pages. Students will learn how to use JavaScript to create image rollovers, display images sequentially, add sound to Web pages, and work with status bar messages. Students will also learn how to work with arrays, create custom objects and instances, identify and fix code errors, use the JavaScript console, and work with frames and cookies. Students should have taken JavaScript Basic or have equivalent knowledge.

Session 1JavaScript Advanced I 
  • Working with status bar messages, sounds, and images
    - A Displaying messages on the status bar
    - B Adding sound to a Web page
    - C Rollovers and sequential images
  • Working with arrays and custom objects
    - A Working with arrays
    - B Working with custom objects

Sessions 2JavaScript Advanced II 
  • Error handling in JavaScript
    - A Identifying JavaScript errors
    - B Fixing errors in JavaScript code
    - C The JavaScript Console
  • Working with frames
    - A Writing scripts for frames
  • Working with cookies
    - A Implementing cookies
    - B Working with cookie values