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Course Catalog (All Modalities)

Item IDCourse Title and DescriptionPricePerLength
JVS201iJavaScript Basic Training165.00Student6.0 hrs
 Hands-on introduction to basic JavaScript. Teaches students how to use JavaScript to create interactive Web pages. Students will learn about the uses and advantages of JavaScript, and will learn how to embed JavaScript code in an HTML document. They will also learn how to use variables, data types, functions, operators, and decision-making and iteration constructs. In addition, students will learn about objects, methods, and properties. Finally, students will learn how to handle events on a form and write scripts for form elements. The next class in sequence is JavaScript Advanced.

Session 1JavaScript Fundamentals 
  • JavaScript basics
    - A Introducing JavaScript
    - B Using the SCRIPT tag
  • Programming basics
    - A Using variables, data types, and functions
    - B Using JavaScript operators
    - C Using control structures

Session 2Working with Objects in JavaScript 
  • Working with language objects
    - A Understanding objects, methods, and properties
    - B Working with Math, String, and Date objects
  • Working with Document and Window objects
    - A Writing to a Web page
    - B Creating new windows
  • Working with the Form object and events
    - A Handling events on a form
    - B Scripting for form elements