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Course Catalog (All Modalities)

Item IDCourse Title and DescriptionPricePerLength
AIN103Microsoft Access Training Level 3195.00Student6.0 hrs
 This course covers advanced form design, working with macros, performing database maintenance and switchboards. Classroom activities can be tailored for private classes. Microsoft Access knowledge equivalent to AIN100B is assumed.

Session 1Working with Forms and Macros 
  • Implementing advanced forms
    • Add controls to a form
    • Create subforms
    • Organize information with tab pages
    • Enhance navigation
    • Conditional formatting
  • Data validation
    • Table field validation
    • Form and record validation
  • Macros
    • Create a Macro
    • Restrict Records Using a Condition
    • Validate Data Using a Macro
    • Automate Data Entry Using a Macro
    • Convert a macro to VBA

Session 2Deployment Considerations 
  • Database management
    • Link Tables to External Data Sources
    • Manage a Database
    • Determine Object Dependency
    • Document a Database
    • Analyze the Performance of a Database
  • Distributing and securing a database
    • split a database for multiple user access
    • Implement security
    • Set passwords
    • Convert a database to an ACCDE
    • Package a database with a digital signature
  • Switchboards
    • Create a switchboard
    • Modify a switchboard
    • Set startup options