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Item IDCourse Title and DescriptionPricePerLength
AIN100Introduction to Microsoft Access295.00Student12.0 hrs
 2 day introductory course to Microsoft Access, the leading desktop database. Covers databases, tables, the datasheet, sorting and manipulating tables, import/export, queries, forms and reports. Using our supplied courseware, students will work on several small database application during this course. These database can be tailored to the needs of custom groups or private training students. No prior knowledge of Access is assumed. As part of our courseware platform students have online access to course materials such as checklists, videos and assessments.

Session 1Tables and Data 
  • Getting Started with Access Databases
    • Identify the Elements of the Access Interface
    • Identify the Components of a Database
    • Examine the Relational Database Design Process
  • Building the Structure of a Database
    • Create a New Database
    • Create a Table
    • Manage Tables
    • Establish Table Relationships
  • Managing Data in a Table
    • Modify Table Data
    • Sort and Filter Records
    • Work with Subdatasheets

Session 2Queries, Forms and Reports 
  • Querying a Database
    • Create a Query
    • Add Criteria to a Query
    • Add a Calculated Field to a Query
    • Perform Calculations on a Record Grouping
  • Designing Forms
    • Create a Form
    • Modify the Design of a Form
    • View and Edit Data Using an Access Form
  • Generating Reports
    • Create a Report
    • Add a Control to a Report
    • Format the Controls in a Report
    • Enhance the Appearance of a Report
    • Prepare a Report for Print

Session 3Tables and Queries in Depth 
  • Controlling Data Entry
    • Constrain Data Entry Using Field Properties
    • Establish Data Entry Formats for Entering Field Values
    • Create a List of Values for a Field
  • Joining Tables
    • Create Query Joins
    • Join Tables That Have No Common Fields
    • Relate Data Within a Table
  • Creating Flexible Queries
    • Set the Select Query Properties
    • Retrieve Records Based on Input Criteria
    • Create Action Queries

Session 4More on Forms and Reports; Sharing Data 
  • Improving forms
    • Restrict Data Entry in Forms
    • Organize Information with Tab Pages
    • Add a Command Button to a Form
    • Create a Sub form
    • Display a Summary of Data in a Form
    • Change the Display of Data Conditionally
  • Customizing reports
    • Organize Report Information
    • Format Reports
    • Control Report Pagination
    • Add a Calculated Field to a Report
    • Add a Sub report to an Existing Report
    • Create a Mailing Label Report
  • Sharing data across applications
    • Import Data into Access
    • Export Data to Text File Formats
    • Export Access Data to Excel
    • Create a Mail Merge